Costumes for Your Pets – Most Popular Choices

On recent Halloweens, some cats have looked like dogs and some dogs have looked like cats. Dog and cat costumes were among the top Halloween costumes for your pets in a survey of consumers. Of those pet owners celebrating Halloween, almost a quarter will dress pets in costumes, according to the National Retail Federation.

For those four legged members of the family who did not dress as their feline or canine counter parts, PUMPKINS claimed the top spot, with HOT DOG costumes not far behind.

What the Chic Pet was Wearing This Past Year

2017 was a very popular year as far a dressing up pets for Halloween or other holidays. For Halloween, there are always several standard costumes that top the list and 2017 was no exception. The top two standard costumes, a PUMPKIN and a HOT DOG continued to set the trend in 2017 as the top choices. Beyond that, there was a surprising trend as many cat owners chose to adorn their feline friends in DOG costumes. (There were no comments from the cats who were dressed like Rover, however, rumor has it that they liked seeing how the ‘other side’ lived, even if only for a night). For our canine friends, the number three choice was actually a tie between a LION or a PIRATE.

Beyond the Top Three Pet Costume Choices

While the pumpkin, hot dog and dog costumes (for our cat friends) dominated the dress up landscape, the top ten was filled out with some rather creative ideas. Costumesranking four through six were a BUMBLEBEE, a DEVIL, and a CHARACTER FROM BATMAN, obviously influenced by the release of the most recent Batman movie. Choice seven was a GHOST (okay, not high on the originality scale) followed by number 8…the feline friends getting revenge as dogs were dressed as CATS. Rounding out the top ten were a witch at number nine and ten being any number of characters from STAR WARS.

Other Popular Ideas for Pet Costumes

For those pet owners that want to buck the trend a bit and go outside the ‘top ten’ for their four legged friend’s costumes, Amazon provides other popular choices that they were shipping out over the last 12 months. These included:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Dinosaurs (including Triceratops and Raptor)
  • Minions from Despicable Me
  • Luau Wear (HawaiianShirt with flower lei)
  • A Business Suit including a vest and tie
  • Cookie Monster from Sesame Street
  • A Variety of Characters from Harry Potter

Homemade Costumes

There are also pet owners who have chosen to take the more labor intensive approach and make costumes themselves. This opens up a whole different world of ideas. It can be as simple as dressing your pet in baby or doll clothes (if they are small enough to make that work) to toddler clothes for your larger pets. A popular trend here is for the owner and the beloved pet to dress in matching ensembles as simple as a pair of jeans and a similar shirt. A costume like this is still sure to draw the ‘Oooohs and Ahhhhs’ as well as the “Isn’t that cute” comments from passers-by.

Remember – Safety First

If you dress your pet in costume this year, it’s important to remember a few safety tips. Make sure your pet’s costume is safe, comfortable, and nonrestrictive. You should be able to slip two fingers around the neck and arms, just like a collar. This will make it easier for the pet to move in the costume and plus they will be much less resistant to wearing it for an extended period of time.

Keep your pet’s needs first. If your pet seems anxious or uncomfortable while wearing the costume, it may be best to take it off. Watch out for any signs of stress or anxiety when you put a costume on your pet. If your pet hates their costume, don’t force them her to wear it. This could take a real bite out of the enjoyment of the event for everyone (yes…pun intended). Remember that a nice bandanna or bow tie is a happy alternative to a full-fledged costume. This is especially true around Christmas where ‘Christmassy’ bandannas are the perfect way to get a pet into the spirit.

Final Thoughts

It is a very common thing for owners to want their pets share in the fun of the holidays with costumes for your pets fitting their personalities and tolerance limits. As you have read above, there is no limit to the number of different ideas that you can use to get your pet in the Halloween (or other holiday) spirit. We would like to hear of any other creative ideas that you might have come up with on your own so that we can share it with our readers and provide them more options. Any and all comments are welcome. Just please remember to always be safe and most importantly….HAVE FUN!!

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